Doula Support

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Every family is unique, so I customize my support services to better meet each client's needs. Regardless of how you choose to birth, we will dive into your beliefs and expectations around labor, birth, and postpartum. Together, we will explore your physical and emotional strengths and limitations to ensure you’re prepared for birth and your transition into caring for a new baby.

Prenatal Visits

In addition to getting to know each other; having a few prenatal visits is beneficial because we explore your birth goals, practice coping techniques, and address any concerns you may have going into your labor or postpartum period. I'd also help connect you with other resources in the community and informational resources if desired.

Labor and Birth Support

When I walk into your birth my job is to support you and your choices throughout your entire labor until about 2 hours after birth. I can help with comfort measures for both you and your birthing partner. Or I can just be another source of calm energy in the room. You and your family is my top priority.

Postpartum Support

Learning how to care for a newborn baby (or multiple newborn babies!) and finding time to run errands, cook, clean, and recover from birth or adoption can be incredibly overwhelming. So let me support you while you nurture your new baby. We can set up a schedule before birth for a few hours at a time or as you need it, up to 1 year postpartum