Doula + Photographer


I’m Heather, I’m a birth and postpartum doula and birth photographer! I obtained my doula training trough Birth Arts International and I most recently completed the Birth Diversified course which was developed to guide white birth workers to the topics of race, the history of birth culture in the U.S., and tokenism.

I wholeheartedly believe that representation matters and birth photography can help normalize the wide variety of birth options in our community and highlights how beautifully diverse each family truly is.

When it comes to birth itself, I believe that birth is a natural and beautiful process. Birth doesn’t always need to be intimidating or feel like a scary life event. I also understand that there is a time and place for medical interventions and that it’s not all about rainbows and sunshine. Which is why as a doula, I focus on building solid relationships with my clients and approaching their birth and postpartum period from a larger perspective. Which helps my clients navigate their birthing and postpartum options while I support and encourage them every step of the way.

I grew up in Madison and moved to Milwaukee after marrying my husband in 2010. We started our family in 2012 when we started fostering our oldest (who we later adopted) and had our first baby within a few short months of each other. Let me tell you, going from zero to two kids was HARD!! We did it again not long after that. Yep, that makes 3 kids in a two-year time span. WE STRUGGLED.

During this period, we struggled with a lot as a family. I had postpartum depression and anxiety after both babies which came back full force after I went through a miscarriage. I was determined to come out STRONGER than ever and put major work into myself.

My pregnancy and birthing experiences have been vastly different from each other. I've come to value the support of others who are also going through the ups and downs of parenthood. After having our youngest I couldn't ignore my passion for birth and parenthood, I knew that becoming a doula was the right career choice for me.