Family Photography

We live in a time where we document everything we do. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s like keeping a digital scrapbook. I’m here for it, but one of the downsides is that WE as parents aren’t usually part of these moments. We’re behind the camera taking the pictures and videos, I want to get you into these memories that you’re making with your family.

We get so caught up in the chaos of life that we often feel like we aren’t enough or we’ll be better once we hit a certain milestone. That’s far from the truth and our family loves us as we are. By letting me into your life to capture these moments it allows you the opportunity to see things in a different, more loving light. You’ll get to see what your loved ones see in you!

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Milk Bath Sessions

Milk Baths have a long history of being used for improving dry skin as they leave skin feeling soft and silky. By adding beautiful flowers and herbs you’ve turned a relaxing bath into a gorgeous setting for an intimate photo shoot! Whether it’s a sensual solo session, maternity, or a bonding session with your baby or toddler you’ll end the session feeling radiant.

Fresh 48 Sessions

My Fresh 48 sessions take place wherever you birthed your child, home, birth center, or hospital. I typically come around the 24 hour mark and capture those early bonding moments as a new family. There is nothing quite like watching older siblings love on their new tiny baby sibling or watching a partner recognize the magic in their voice as they gently soothe their new child to sleep.

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Nourishing Sessions

As parents we spend an enormous amount of time stressing over how we feed our babies. We get help from lactation support professionals, we buy accessories, we find milk donors, we research formula brands, we stress over purees vs baby-led weaning. I want you to take a minute and pause. You are nourishing your child and that deserves to be celebrated! Your feeding journey is worth honoring.