How Participating in The 4th Trimester Bodies Project impacted my motherhood journey, part 1
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The 4th Trimester Bodies Project is coming to The Womb Room MKE next month on 4/21/19 (here’s more info!) and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve participated in this project twice and I feel that this is the perfect time to share about my experiences and how they’ve impacted me as a woman, mother, and birth worker.

I discovered this magnificent photo project in the fall of 2013 when I was a little over a year postpartum with Harper, our first baby. I was still in the thick of my postpartum depression and anxiety. I was trying to process my birth story, I felt as if my body had failed me and that I failed my body. That I was too overweight, that I didn’t do enough to stay fit and healthy. I believed that I was the reason my son couldn’t breastfeed efficiently and that I was a failure for not being able to do what was best for him. At that time everything I read said exclusive pumping wasn’t sustainable and that it wasn’t good enough (Y’ALL I MADE IT 22 MONTHS BEFORE DRYING UP DUE TO BEING PREGNANT WITH PENNY!) which is far from true!

I had Harper 4 weeks early, it left me with trauma that I desperately needed to process and at the time I didn’t have a space to do so. I didn’t know of the local birthing and parenting communities and resources here in Milwaukee. I was isolated and didn’t have many parent friends locally either. Ashlee gave me the space to be raw, she amplified my voice when I felt like it was barely a whisper.


Participating in The 4th Trimester Project with my boys was incredibly healing for me, it was the first major step that eventually lead me to birth work. I knew that so many of us shared the highs and lows of our experiences and one common theme was the lack of support that we felt. That was when the seed was planted, I knew I needed to find a way to work with families as they are navigating their growth.

I will continue with my story and how Ashlee and The 4th Trimester Bodies Project has impacted me in my next post, for now here is the direct link to my first session, the session with my sons!